How to prepare for your newborn session

I am so looking forward to meeting your family at our upcoming session 

Your session will last approximately 2-3 hours so please plan ahead for that.

Here are some preparation instructions and tips to ensure a successful newborn session.

1.  Avoid eating anything spicy the day before the session if you are nursing as this may cause gas or an upset tummy for baby.

2.  Please ensure baby is fed as much as possible in the 12 hours prior to the session.  This ensures a nice sleepy baby so we can get lots of photographs and spend less time feeding.

3.  Please try and keep your baby awake for a 1-2 hours before a session.  This is extremely important as we need them sleepy for the session.  A baby that sleeps for the hours before a session often will be awake for the session and we will be limited with the poses we can do.  A nice warm bath can help to keep them awake just before a session.

4.  Please feed your baby right before you leave for our session.  Make sure they have a full feeding so they will be sleepy when they arrive.  If you are bottle feeding please bring along extra bottles.  Formula does tend to fill up a baby more than breast milk so if you are doing both stick with formula before the session. I cannot stress enough to bring extra food, your baby will need to eat much more than normal to stay sleeping for the session

5.  Please dress baby in a easy to remove sipper or button up onsie.  Avoid clothes that must be removed over their head.  This can ensure if they arrive sleepy I can keep them sleepy while undressing them.

6.  The studio will be very very warm.  Sometimes in the upper 80's  While this is great for babies it is often very warm form parents.  Dress in layers so you can be comfortable during the session.

7.  Bring a pacifier ( even if they don't typically take one) .  This can be very helpful during a session

8.  If we are photographing older siblings with the baby, will will do these photos first. It is advisable for one parent to take the older siblings home after their photographs as the session can be long for a toddler.  Simple Cream, white or neutral tops with no pattern is advisable for sibling photos as well as parent photos. Jeans or dresses work well also.  Avoid busy patterns:)
 Please note that if your child is younger than 3 years old they may not cooperate for this type of session. If they are younger than 3 we will attempt the photos for 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the session and if they do not want to cooperate we will continue to just photograph the infant.  Parents are welcome to participate in the photo session only.  Other family members, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles should come at another time for a different session.  We only have so much time allotted for the session so it is essential that we limited the inclusion for this particular session to newborn, siblings and parents.   Our studio is also small so a maximum of 3 adults plus children is permitted

9.  Please leave baby in the car seat and bring them into the studio to avoid waking them up.

10.  Get ready to sit back and relax!  I do all the work so you can relax.  Feel free to bring along a laptop if you need to get work done, or thank you notes or even take a nap!  I don't need much assistance during the session and I will ask for help if I need it.  Enjoy this time to take a load off!

Please make sure that you have filled out the questionnaire previously sent to you to ensure we use your favourite props and colours.  Please also make sure you have signed your contract.  If you have not received theses documents please make sure to contact me as soon as possible!

My address is 3985 Baseline Rd.  We are located right by Windsor Airport.  Park in the driveway behind the black equinox and come through the back gate and to the sliding doors at the back of the building that looks like a large garage.  We are currently under a studio renovation so please excuse our mess:)

My phone numbers are 

cell: 519.564.1260

Please call or text me if you are running late!

I look forward to meeting you!