Windsor Wedding Photographer | Kendra & Brandon’s Engagement Session

I met Kendra and Brandon on the day of their engagement session.  We had done all of our correspondence via  phone calls and emails as they are very busy doctors from the Kitchener area.  I knew though from speaking with Kendra on the phone that she was very bubbly, sweet and very excited to be marrying her fabulous fiancee.  We had originally booked their session for February and well that was just a bad idea because it was so darn cold, we just ended up cancelling.  We rebooked it for May and were left with a bit of a chilly, overcast day but decided to go for it anyways and I am so glad we did.  Right off the bat I knew these two would be a dream to photograph. I saw their connection with each other right away.  They were excited to be taking part in this shoot as a lead up to the wedding in August.  When I have a couple in front of the camera that wants to be there and is simply having fun, the end result is simply great images.  Their connection is easy to see, you can see that they laugh together, they have little secrets of their own, they know each others quirks and they simply love one another.  We decided to do the shoot at Willistead Park and it was a great place for this session. We utilized the mansion, the beautiful gardens and the gorgeous trees just coming into bloom. I always love it when you meet a couple, whom are clearly smart, successful people and they want to do a piggy back ride.  Its just so awesome!!!  I loved this session for the simple reason their love was palpable and real.  I cannot wait to shoot the wedding this coming August.  It will be an amazing day for them both!

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